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1 in 3 motorists not ready for the big freeze!

While the UK does not have the most severe weather of many of the countries in Europe, our weather causes havoc across the country for our motorists.

Yet a recent survey by Manheim Auctions shows that we don’t prepare by keeping some of the most essential items in our cars just in case.

The survey shows that less than 5% of drivers are preparing by purchasing strong winter tyres and that only 21% have a shovel, 25% have jump leads handy and only 66% of us have warm clothing.

Considering that this year is yet again forecasted to have a less than warm winter this is a surprise to a country that sees itself as sensible and adhering to the Scout’s mantra of ‘be prepared’.

The full survey percentages can be found below:

Top-up screen wash (89%)
Carry ice scraper (80%)
Top-up anti-freeze (78%)
Carry de-icer (77%)
Check water level (66%)
Carry warm clothing (33%)
Keep jump leads in the boot (25%)
Carry a shovel (21%)
Carry a warning triangle (19%)
Carry a reflective jacket (17%)

Consumers publication Which? recommends some other essential items to keep in the car during the next few months, including an in-car mobile phone charger and a set of snow socks.

Manheim Auctions also advise drivers to adapt their driving style if the weather turns to snow or ice and to make sure that there is at least a 7 or 8 second gap between cars.