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A day in the life…

Ross Hall, sales manager at Henson Motor Group.

6.30am. Get up, shower and check the television news over breakfast.

8am. Drive to work at Whitley Road, Benton.

8.30am. Deal with email and post from customers. Everything else can wait until I have more time.

9am. Daily sales meeting. Discuss the previous days business and tie up and loose ends.

9.30am. Sort out our latest advertisements. Check our website has been updated with sold cars deleted and new cars added. Check all details are correct.

10am. Walk around the three-and-a-half acre site. Ensure all cars are valeted to our standard and they have the correct details displayed. Talk to senor salesmen to ensure the presentation of all 500 cars is right.

11am. Call our car preparation centre in Killingworth to get a progress report. Ensure all cars are ready for customer collection on time and stock replenishment is progressing after a busy weekend.

11.30am. Spend time with junior sales staff to help with their technique and negotiation skills training. We don’t do high-pressure sales techniques so it is a matter of teaching them to ask the right questions, listen to the customers answers and match the right deal with the customers needs.

Noon. Meeting with out marketing manager to review the past weeks activity and keep up with forwards planning.

12.30pm. Lunch. Usually a sandwich from the supermarket deli over the road.

1pm. Meeting with my business managers who arrange finance, The car finance market is constantly changing with new products coming on stream, We need to know we are offering the best deals.

2pm. Check and sign off all deliveries since yesterday to ensure all paperwork is in order and ready to be processed.

3pm. Check the progress of the sales team against incoming enquiries. I like to personally thank every customer for dealing with us and ask if their experience has been smooth. This is a courtesy but it is also market research to identify areas for improvement.

4pm. Meeting with our specialist finance manager who helps people back onto the credit ladder. In the current climate more people are finding it hard to get credit so it is vital we are able to offer alternatives.

5pm. Meeting with board of directors to discuss sales strategy and tactics.

6pm. Late-night shopping is our busiest period so I pith in with everybody else. People collect their cars at this time and new customers are coming in to see us,

8pm. Lock up after a long day and set the alarms, Go home for an evening meal with my partner and the chance to relax before the alarm goes off at 6.30am tomorrow.