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Buying a used car - tips

Due to most peoples finances being tight, more and more are turning to buying used cars.

Whether you buy your car privately or from another used car dealer here are a few tips that can be implemented when purchasing a used car.


It is extremely important to do some research when buying a used car. This way, you the buyer will know the ideal make and model that suits your needs, and the prices of that particular model in the market.

The risk of buying a used car is lessened if the buyer does their homework, as you will find out what faults and problems to look for on the model of car your looking at, and how best to avoid them.

Check the vehicles history

If the car has Service History this will provide you with some solid information regarding , repairs, problems, and the servicing record of the car. Service History will give you a chance to compare and differentiate one car from the other.

Check the documents thoroughly

Buyers should make sure that the car is not stolen, it hasn’t previously been a crash damaged vehicle that has been repaired, and that the person selling it is the true vendor and owner of the vehicle. Its always best to do an HPI check for how little it costs these days.

Before buying a used car, inspect the overall condition of the car first. If something doesn’t look quite right then it usually isn’t. The gaps between the body panels should all be of even spacing and roughly the width of a pound coin, if they aren’t ask the seller why.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, if the seller doesn’t have something to hide then they should be able to answer them quickly and efficiently, be wary of sellers stalling or changing the subject.