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Cleaning Your Car From The Inside Out

Regardless of how pristine you keep your car, avoiding muddy shoes, eating in the car and so on, your car will eventually end up with a natural accumulation of dirt. Here’s four quick tips on keeping your car spick and span and showroom clean.

1. Boot and Spare Wheel Recess
Even though you probably don’t need your spare tyre that often dirt and dust accumulates under the boot carpet very quickly. Usually cleaning the boot with the vacuum cleaner is enough but if the dirt is more tenacious it helps to clean it with warm water and soap and rub it dry afterwards.

2. Ceiling and Dashboard
Warm water and cleaner is often enough for cleaning the interior ceiling. Make sure that you don’t forget the sun shades. But if your roof is made of cloth it’s better to clean it with a vacuum cleaner. For cleaning the dashboard you should just need warm water because some cleaners can damage the surface. For best results here check the manual and the cleaners you purchase. You can buy special purpose cleaners for plastic and leather dashboard.

3. Windows and Mirrors
Three steps for a clear sight. First spray, then wipe with a microfiber cloth, wipe the end with a lint-free kitchen towel. For best results open the windows a bit during cleaning and then you can get at the tops, usually hidden behind the seal at the top.

4. Seats, Carpets and Door coverings
Treat this similar to the ceiling. Just rub the seats, carpets and coverings with a slightly moist cloth with a mixture of warm water and a cleaner. As it’s fabric it’s imperative that the cloth not be too damp or it will soak into the seats and cause mold and more issues than a bit of dirt ever would. You can get specialist car upholstery foams which can reduce the risk of being over wet with a cloth, but they can be quite expensive.