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Economic Driving - A starting point!

Today are bringing you a guide on how to drive economically and get the most out of your car, we hope these tips will help you in your day to day journey.

1. If your engine is poorly tuned then it could consume 50% more fuel than a finely tuned engine. Maintenance must occur thoroughly and often.

2. Sitting is traffic uses more fuel, travel at times when congestion will be at its lowest – avoid rush hours!

3. Walking or cycling short journeys is a lot better for not only your car but also you, it gets you out of the house and makes you active.

4. Carry only essentials in the boot and take off any unnecessary weight, carrying extra weight can seriously increase the fuel consumption. Fuel consumption = no good!

5. Ever thought of car sharing? This can be a fantastic way of getting the most out of the fuel in your vehicle, if you and the family are heading on a long car journey then car share and drop a little bit of cash the drivers way! Saves you fuel and also saves you driving.

6. In most cases cars are at their most efficient at 60mph. For every 5mph over that speed, you lose 6% of your fuel economy.

7. Plan your journey in advance, whether this is preparing your sat nav with the location or intensely reading your road map please ensure you prepare enough to ensure you are not in the position where you are lost. Its estimated that 350,000 tonnes of fuel goes to waste on lost drivers.

8. Be a smooth driver, accelerating hard and braking suddenly could use up to 40% more fuel.

9. It’s a long shot but maybe consider a smaller, greener vehicle – we realise this isn’t going to interest a lot of people but it’s something to be considered when thinking of the economy.

10. Should you take the car? Can you take the train or the bus? In some cases it can be a lot more efficient than taking to car and, like we said before, ensure you weren’t sitting stationary in rush hour traffic.