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Henson's Top Tips....... Parallel Parking!

At Henson Motor Group we not only want to sell you the car but we also want to make sure that you are efficient in all aspects of how the car is used and maintained. With that being said we have brought you some top tips and today it is about parallel parking.

Parallel parking can sometimes be a very daunting task, especially is wet or icy conditions. We have compiled a list of a few steps we feel you should take when trying to parallel park your car.

1. Pull up next to the car you want to park behind.

2. Put your car in reverse.

3. As soon as your rear wheels pass the rear bumper of the car you intend on parking behind, turn the steering wheel clockwise.

4. The rear of your vehicle should start begin to be visible within the parking spot you have chosen.

5. The front of your vehicle should start to clear the rear bumper of the car in front, once this happens start turning your steering wheel in the opposite direction, this will cause your vehicles front end to swing into the space.

6. Voila! you are done. However you might have to adjust your vehicle’s position a little bit in order to line it up but this guide should easily pull you into the parrellel parking spot.

We hope this helps you, I know it helped me!