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Looking After Your Car in the Summer Heat

With record temperatures expected this summer alongside regular car maintenance you should take extra care and consideration in making sure your car is up for the job of coping in the heat.

Check under the bonnet
Engines run hotter in the high heat, make sure radiator hoses are firmly attached and in top condition, no leaks or cracks appearing, and that the coolant levels are kept topped up to manage with dissipating the heat. If your car is equipped with air-conditioning check the levels on the refrigerant too.

Correct Tyres
If you haven’t swapped your tyres out in a while you may still be running on winter tyres. These are bulky and unnecessary in summer road conditions. And as usual check wear and tear on the tyres and that the tread is within legal limits.

A Well-Stocked Car
Stock your car with extra water to keep yourself and passengers hydrated in the heat, especially on long journeys. A sunshield for your car will help keep the sun out and even if you’re not able to park in the shade will keep your car cool. Cooler bags in the boot are useful for storing frozen shopping in for the trip back home.

Park in the shade
Park under trees, in the shade of buildings, or inside multi-story car parks where possible. Nothing ruins the mood for driving that getting into a sweltering hot car, steering wheels hot to the touch. Always make sure children and pets are not left in a closed car in the heat, even with a window cracked open.

Prepare for Rain and Storms
The British summer can be unpredictable, especially with floods in recent years. Make sure windscreen wipers are in good working order, and have an emergency kit to hand should the worst happen.