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Things to think about when buying a car!

Buying a car is a very exciting prospect but can turn out to be a lot more work then you initially expect. In this article we have outlined things to be aware of and think about when the task of buying a car is upon you.

1. Practicality – What will you use the car for? Are you looking at this vehicle as a long term investment? How big is your family? These are common questions people run through their head when it comes to buying a car. You need it to be practical to your situation – if you are a family man who has 2 kids, then a 20grand sports car is not practical for you, even though it would be an awesome addition to the family, it doesn’t accommodate the lifestyle.

2. Money – Do you have the money to buy a car up front or do you need a financial arrangement? It’s crazy times at the minute and not many people can afford to just buy a car outright but there are a number of people who have savings and managed to keep them. If you are one of these people then that is fantastic, you have a budget and all you need know is to find a car within that budget. If on the other hand you cannot buy a car outright, we would recommend getting a car loan or financial arrangement in order to pay for it. A lot of car dealerships now have fantastic deals on car finance we recommend visiting , these guys are specialists when it comes to car finance!

3. Road Tax – Consider the age of the car you are interested in, it will fall under one of the many tax brackets so check how much each bracket goes to and what criteria is involved when they are organised into the brackets. Maybe choosing a newer, more environmentally friendly car would serve you better as it would save you money on the tax every 12 months.

4. Car Insurance – This is a major part of buying a car as it is a legal requirement – not that I needed to tell you that, it’s common knowledge – and can be very expensive as there is a lot of criteria that is considered when applying for insurance. Your age, the engine size of the car, the license status, how many miles you estimate per year, if it will reside at your home or not etc. Think about your position as a driver, how clean is your license, how big is the engine of the car you want and how old are you!!! These are the main criteria for insurance really, also shop around, check comparison sites and play people off against each other, barter them down.

We hope these have helped guys, just don’t get lost in the sales patter when you are in the dealerships, know what you want and be forceful!