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Tips on selling a car. Private or dealer?

As well all know it is basic knowledge that there are two ways to sell your car when you have sadly decided that you need an upgrade whether it be for an economical sense or because you want a faster car. Below we have a few tips in terms of selling to a dealer or a private sale:

Selling to a Dealer is the fastest and easiest way to sell your car. If the dealer is keen and wants to sell you another car he might offer you a relatively decent deal for your car. Ultimately, however, you will receive more for your car if you sell it on a private sale.

If you sell your car privately you will definitely get the best price for your car but unfortunately there can be a few flaws.  The very long process of selling your car privately can be time-consuming. You also have to be willing to answer your phone on a regular basis which I’m sure can be very annoying. Once it’s sold though its great to get a good deal.