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Understanding the importance of your Check Engine light!

In this day and age, our vehicles are full of clever technology which has been designed to keep us safe at all times and let us know if anything is wrong. One clever little feature is the check engine light, the reason for this feature is to alert the vehicle owner/driver that something in the engine needs looking at; anything from potential malfunctioning, missing fuel caps all the way to emission control issues. As much as it pains me to say this, this very prominent display which illuminates within the cars dashboard, people tend to ignore the light or pop it to the back of their mind for another time.

The vast majority of people, the check engine light will seem like its never off and that it serves no purpose. Don’t get us wrong a lot of these potential problems, at first, present no immediate danger in the everyday A to B journey and are often left untouched. This serves as, almost, a confirmation to the user that is should not be taken seriously, that the light illuminating is not concerning. When the reality is, ignoring this ‘warning’ can lead to very dangerous situations that put the safety of passengers at risk, even if they develop later on down the road.

Within such a unique and complex system as your car’s engine, a minor defect left to run over time can grow large and in turn destroy the entire machine, leaving you stranded at the roadside awaiting help from your recovery company or maybe even leave you needing a new car. Even the little things, that may seem to be insignificant, like a loose screw or bolt, if it isn’t seen to as and when it happens, can lead to car breakdowns which may cost thousands to fix. In order for your engine to work in the way it should, each individual component must play its part; if any function were to fail in its day to day running then it will hurt its efficiency, eventually leading to a complete breakdown.

This is why we suggest you keep on top of the signs, this can be done by following these simple steps:

  • Perform regular maintenance
  • Change your oil on time
  • Check your tire pressure and tread levels
  • Investigate issues presented by the check engine light

If followed properly you can make your vehicle last longer and also drive with complete confidence. Knowing your vehicle won’t all of sudden breakdown and leave you stranded..