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Vehicle safety tips.

Here is a few tips to keep your vehicle safe:

  • A very simple but essential tip is definitely always keep your vehicle locked.
  • Its a simple mistake to make however I guarantee we have all done it -remove the ignition key when you get out your vehicle.
  • Always keep your keys safe in your pocket or in your bag.  Always just have a double check to see if they are still there.
  • It’s essential to keep your valuables stored safely out of sight. So keep the ipads and phones out of view.
  • All the vehicle documents and paper work whatever you do don’t keep them in your car because it’ll help an thief in the sale of the stolen car.
  • Park your car when its dark in a well lit area just ultimately so if anything is happening to your car in terms of breaking in someone will have a better chance of seeing it.
  • Use what the car has to offer in terms of the alarm and the steering wheel lock. They are there to be used.