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Henson's Tips - Accidents -

What to do if you have an accident – The Henson Way –

Refer to the Highway code for this but the rules for what to do if you have an accident are a variation of:

1. Turn hazard lights on to warn approaching vehicles of possible danger.

2. Ensure other drivers turn their engines off and put out all cigarettes for fire safety reasons.

3. Dial the emergency services number or have a third party who is with you do it. Explain in full and exactly what happened, where you are and if there are any casualties. The operator will advise you of anything you can do before the services arrive.

4. Any persons who are injured should be escorted to safety away from their car and any passing traffic.

5. Anyone with injuries must be left where they are, trying to help them may well do more harm than good. If you feel they are in danger of being in the vicinity of an explosion or fire then, with the utmost care, you can move them away.

6. Don’t remove helmets from motorcyclists or bicyclists, like we said before this could cause more harm to the person involved.

7. If you know what you’re doing and its needed the give first aid.

8. Finally, wait until the services arrive, they work countless hours to make sure that the response time is quick and also that everyone is safe.

We all know that we should not put ourselves in any danger while helping others, but as we are all human we cannot fight these urges. If you have to or want to, flag down any traffic then make sure you do it from a safe distance and possibly from a pavement. In the opposite sense, if you are driver and come across an accident then please ensure that your car is parked safely, turn the ignition off and put your hazard lights on.